Tears From a Sad Girl

Is there anything that can dry the tears from a sad girl's sallow cheek–
Able to smooth deep lines at the corners of her frown–
Caused by her outlook born from beneath?
When she's in the company of no one around,
No life to answer her sobs of defeat–
She stumbles around and down and down–
Nothing to steady her on her unsteady feet.
Helplessness and submission abound–
Unable to restore cadence to her dissonant heart's beat–
She cries and cries—Screaming a most broken sound–
Able to unsettle the most settled of we.
But we turn our hearts emitting an inaction so profound–
She's left without a single reason to breathe–
Now she burns in the world of the cursed and uncrowned–
Forever replaying a life of could be.

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