Seizing Inspiration

Well—it's officially been 12 days since launching RWR and I have a few updates to share!

My second nephew was born yesterday morning in Springdale, AR.  His name is Trenton Lee Hays and he was 7 lbs, 19" long. He wasn't due until the first week or so of August, and of course, I was out of town for work in El Paso. I hope to get back home next week so I can meet the little guy and show some love to my sister and my oldest nephew, Tristin. She has such a beautiful little family with Bodhi—he'll make an outstanding father. He's already done so much for Tristin.

I was in El Paso for a day to help with #UberICECREAM, which is taking place today all over the world. Our driver-partners seemed to really enjoy themselves. The world needs more reasons to smile and get lost in laughter, and on-demand ice cream is a really nifty way to achieve that. Man, I work for one great company.

But as I write this, I'm on a plane back to Dallas by way of Phoenix (fun, delayed flight stuff). It's amazing what happens once you hit 10,000 feet in the air. Still climbing, I look down at the world below and I realize how small we are. Small, but collectively grand, this sensation called life is nothing short of stunning. And oh the curiosity it causes me!

I've been struggling with writing again since returning from work after a week away. During my vacation, I had greeted the day bright and early at 630/7am without need of an alarm, and I could effortlessly sit down and write for the next eight hours. It wasn't forced and I enjoyed it. I did that every single day. But now, I've been focusing more on this site and continuing to read and provide reviews, but that combined with work has taken a lot of my time away.

Lately, I've been fantasizing about this idea for a sci-fi/fantasy series, and flying thousands of feet up in the air has only heightened my resolve (pun most definitely intended) to make this story happen. It makes me nervous because I've been working on the tragic fiction, and it would mean that I step away from that work to get started on this, and I'm afraid of leaving projects unfinished. I fear being one of those people who hop around getting things started but never completing them.

What I've come to realize is this: if my heart isn't into something 100%, I shouldn't force it. Instead, I should seize the creative moments and take action on those projects that have completely captivated me. I can always come back to the former and see how I still feel about it later.

I'm going all in with putting this adventure in my head down on paper. I'm already falling in love with the characters and the premise, and I think readers will get a kick out of them, too. I have to get it out.

Bottomline:  Seize inspiration while you can. Always.

It's the Fear Who Greets Me