Oh, Life

Time seems to fly by incredibly fast.

I feel like I last posted just days ago, yet it’s been 2 weeks… I will make a great effort to do better!

Let’s see if I can recap what’s occurred. To begin, after making the move from Kansas City to Northwest Arkansas, my old Nissan Xterra started having noticeable vibrations and rumbling…especially when trying to drive 65 mph. It also was having issues starting right away so my mind immediately jumped to worst case scenarios (the pessimist in me). Fortunately, through working at Hooters, I became friends with someone who is a reputable mechanic, and he kindly volunteered to test out my car and take a look at it to help offer a diagnosis… and to even assist me with repairing it in case I had trouble finding someone to do so. Turns out, his opinion was right on with everything, and after taking it to the mechanic who my mom always uses, I got a great deal on the repairs. In addition to needing a quarterly oil change, I replaced the battery and the mechanic replaced 2 u-joints on the rear differential and balanced the shaft. Angelina is running like a dream.

Just days after finally getting my car issues resolved, my pop informed me that he would be hitting the road for North Carolina and Virginia for his job. Nearly 2 weeks later, he’s still gone—supposedly returning home in the morning/early afternoon. He’s been all over the country—east coast back to Oklahoma… Kansas, Idaho… Washington, and he’s having the time of his life. Each time I spoke with him on the phone, he exuded such confidence and excitement in what he was doing… it really brought a smile to my face. To see where he was a year ago, and to see where he is now, I really am proud of him. I can’t wait to see him. I love my dad so much!

Speaking of my pop and pride, I ended up working lunch on Veterans Day—it was a humbling and uplifting experience. There were so many veterans, young and elderly alike, who came in with their children and grandchildren, and I had the pleasure of having a conversation with a Vietnam vet named Clifford who served for 39 years. America is great, and these extraordinary individuals are a reminder of that. My brother, his daughter, and his best friend also came in to see me. They both did numerous tours in Iraq and elsewhere, and are incredible people. I’m proud of them.

Life is so peculiar in that it never fails to work itself out. A month ago, I took the job at Hooters for two reasons—Firstly, I needed fast cash for bills and work to be done on my car. Second, I was in dire need of branching out my social circle and networking. I can honestly say that I accomplished both of my short-term goals. I’ve regained a sense of confidence in myself, and I’ve made some truly outstanding friendships with people. Presently, things have slowed down quite a bit at work, and I find myself wondering if there’s any other work available with the same level of flexibility that I can take on as a second or even as a possible replacement job. I’m not sure if it’s due to winter coming or the bleak economy or maybe if it’s this particular area, but business is lacking. I have very much appreciated the opportunity of being a Hooters Girl, and we will just have to see which way the wind carries me.

At this time, I’ve completed applications to be a Substitute Teacher in the Fayetteville and Springdale School districts. I only need to drop off my paperwork for Fayetteville at their HR office, and for Springdale, I’m required to attend an application workshop on December 17th. Since I have experience subbing and it’s a job with fairly decent pay and flexibility, I’m really hoping to get an interview and start picking up some slots immediately. Wish me luck!

Besides car and employment stuff, I’ve pretty much been taking it easy and enjoying each day for what it is. It’s been a bit lonely with my pop not being home, but the dogs keep my attention on lockdown. Rags and Bella have a considerable love/hate relationship so they keep me entertained, and they continue to keep me busy as their caregiver. It’s also a score that they help keep me warm at night… haha.

I don’t handle the cold or winter very well at all, so it helps having them around. It also helps that I average about four cups of hot tea everyday. I love tea. sigh  

Speaking of cold weather and hot drinks… it’s mind-boggling to me that Thanksgiving is this week. What the hell. I already know the holiday will be split 50/50 between my mom and dad… I can already feel the weight coming on! And I can’t wait. Thanksgiving also signals my little nephew’s coming birthday… November 24th (also my brother’s). He’ll be 5. Mom and I had planned on driving down to Conway to see my sister and TJ, so we’ll see when our schedules agree. I will be sure to take tons and tons of pictures of the darling little heartbreaker to share with you! And then there’s November 25th, which marks one of my best friend’s birthdays. I probably won’t be able to make it to Kansas City in time to celebrate, but I’m definitely making plans to drive there and catch up with a few good friends in the next month or so. I’m really excited and never realized I’d miss it so much. Also on the horizon, I’m making plans to visit Austin, TX… Seattle, and the Philippines. I have lots of family to reunite with in Washington and the PI, and it’s looking like this coming spring when I fly out. The plan is to fly to Seattle for a couple days and visit family, and then my cousin Jenny is accompanying me for the day-long journey to the main island. We’ll be there 2-3 weeks, and have decided that it’s a must to sightsee around Manila, Tagaytay, and Boracay… who knows where else. It’ll be an adventure and the anticipation is killing me! Again, there will be an insane number of pictures, which I’ll be sure to post on this blog for you. I’m still in the process of revamping this site layout, and I want it to somewhat resemble this quick sketch I did… still trying to decide on a color scheme—it will definitely be static, so no scrolling on the homepage. 

I think that pretty much sums up the happenings of my past couple weeks. Lots of planning and resolve for work, expenses, and travel… and I’m enjoying the simplicity of being home and spending time on my beloved hobbies—guilt-free.  My playlist is stuck on Lana Del Rey and The Weeknd, and I find myself getting blown away by the depth of talent that these stylistically different artists possess. They’re amazing. I’ve also become a frequent patron of the Malco Razorback theatre… lol. I’ve seen Cloud Atlas, which I’ve just begun reading, Skyfall (twice I might add), and Breaking Dawn Part II of the Twilight saga… I saw the latter just today with my mom. It was a beautiful conclusion to the series, and it reminded me of how powerful love is. I felt a twinge of sadness and emptiness for not having someone so poignantly remarkable in my personal life, but I’m ever-hopeful that truly great things really do come with time.

For now, I’ll continue developing friendships and spending time with my family, and in the meantime, I’ll watch my shows like The Walking Dead, and attempt to make a dent in my reading list. Painting has proven to be exceptionally therapeutic for me lately, so I suppose there will be more of that, as well.

I do hope you found some enjoyment or inspiration during this glimpse of my life, and until next time…


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