Live or Die

You're a beautiful kind of angel, you know—
A creature elusive—Ethereal and God sent,
Such charm and grace—Inescapable magnetism,
You're an eloquent piece of unadulterated art—
See what we see, Beautiful, see what we see.

How easily you overlook a visage of faithful deceit,
I'm an empty devil risen from the embers of Hell,
I'm sociopathically captivating,
I'm the model of imitation life,
See what I see, Universe, see what I see.

You exude all that's lovely and good in the world,
A smile whose brilliance lights up the blacked out limits of the mind,
Such talent and limitless potential,
You're inspiring, sweet child of God—
Please see what we see, Beautiful, please see what we see.

I embody the illusion of happy reality,
That smile is merely the cracking of my finite soul,
Don't mistake fictitious aptitude for genuine craft,
I'm an afflicted succubus of a certain Dark Prince,
Pray you see what I see, Universe, pray you see what I see.

And one night soon when you find peace in your dreams,
I'll come to you distorting pleasant visions to nightmarish gleams,
Turn away now from my vicious wiles,
Run far, far away—Swiftly—Better yet, sail or fly.
A passage of escape, live or die.
The end's in my eye—Your choice, live or die.


Pay It Forward, Always