Hi there, 2013

Happy New Year!

Hopefully, you all had an amazing holiday season! As much as I loved stuffing my face and hanging around friends and family nonstop, I am thankful the season is over. I am ready to get down to business and start being an adult again. I am excited for 2013, and I’m really looking forward to what the year will bring. Make it happen!

It’s been a pretty mild winter again this year… We had our first snow a couple days after Christmas… and as you can see from the photo, it wasn’t much. It ended up raining a day or two after it snowed and it all melted away. The temperature is supposed to get back up into the 50s again Monday—I’m totally not complaining. It’s my kind of winter season.

But, I had a good NYE… nothing too fancy. Brian’s friend/coworker, Lance, threw a house party so we went out to dinner before heading over to his house. I felt a bit out of my element with not really knowing anyone there, but I did manage to meet some really cool people. There were lots of people playing beer pong or flippy cup, which isn’t really my thing since I’m incapable of drinking and all, but it was hilarious to watch. I haven’t been in that sort of environment since… college?? Yeah—college! Felt like I hijacked a time machine to circa 2006—silliness. Whoa… that was nearly 7 years ago??? OMG.

Anyway, 2013 is shaping up to be pretty calm so far. Not much is going on with me. I’ve recently become obsessed with pomegranates (thanks, Ma). They’re so fun to eat, and I tend to like things that taste tart. I’ve turned my baby sis, Taylor, as well as the munchkin nephew on to the fruit! They’re so addictive… and good for you! Taylor came over to Brian’s to see TJ for the second time in her life (the first time, he was a baby), and although TJ greeted her with a warm, “Hi Aunt Taylor!” -he was very much shy and quiet towards her. When he’s shy, he becomes avoidant and rotten, and with that said, we had a difficult time getting him to have a picture taken with his adoring aunts. See?

It’s been a gift being able to spend so much time with TJ, and I know my mom is happy to have her grandson around. He can often be a handful, and it seems like each time we see him, he gets a bit more hyper… We’re hoping school and putting him into some type of sport will help with the energy overload. He’s sort of this cute little tech-nerd, and we feel like he’ll grow up to be a computer guru like his dad, which wouldn’t be a bad thing at all. Mom and I have to take him back to my sister’s in Conway this Sunday on the 6th, and we’ll drive back to NWA in the morning. We’re going to have a ladies pamper session—I plan on having my hair cut, and perhaps get some level of coloring done for the first time. Should be interesting. Hopefully I don’t F up my hair. Ha!

Let’s see… what else. I got rejected for a job I was banking on… so that super sucks, but what can I do. I know my interview went as great as it could’ve possibly gone, and I honestly felt it was one of my best moments. If I can’t land the job after that, there’s really nothing I can do. I just really hope I’m being guided down a path that’s true for me, and I’ll trust it’s for the best. I really, really hope it’s all for the best.

And with that, my 2013 begins.

I know I can’t idly sit by and wait for opportunities to materialize, so I am making a great deal of effort to find employment. It will come. Soon.

For now, I’ve been tossing and turning during the wee hours of the night (morning), pondering all of the things I’d like to do this year. Some of the things I came up with are simple fun, and some of them are the bigger changes I really wanted to enact. I’ve already gotten started, and I’m feeling good:

  1. do step-aerobics again

  2. get roller blades & reenact my childhood

  3. try a new hair color

  4. land a good job

  5. get the tattoo I’ve been planning for years now

  6. update the professional wardrobe

  7. nose re-pierced??

  8. eat healthier

  9. cut down on coffee

  10. see friends in San Diego

  11. reunite with family in Washington & the Philippines

  12. see what Texas is about

  13. find ways to bring joy to others

It’s a random list, but that’s okay with me. What else am I supposed to strive towards in life? But, I wish you all the best of luck in the new year, and I hope you all get to work on making your wishes for 2013 a reality. Until next time…


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