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Hey Everyone!

Hopefully you’re all enjoying the holiday season and have all necessary Christmas shopping done… I thought I’d share a quick post on what’s new with me.

Generally speaking, it’s been an eventful couple of weeks. Let me go about this chronologically. Apologies… I have a few personal youtube videos I wanted to share throughout this post, but I think it just makes it that much more personal, right?

First off, this one is actually from right before Thanksgiving Day, but it’s a video I shot of my mom and aunt in the asian grocery store. Although they appear to be serious, it was only my aunt wanting to buy some garbanzo beans and my mom telling her she had some at home… I was dying laughing. My family is pretty random and nutty, but I love it, and it makes each day a gift.

Next up… (and I was debating on sharing this with you, but ehhh, why not?)  So—on December 4th or 5th, I decided to join a dating site. Yep. A dating site. After a conversation with my mother earlier that day on the possibility of my becoming an old maid, I decided to pull the trigger and just test it out. My good friend, MV, had previously told me about Plenty of Fish (POF) and had found himself a wonderful, healthy relationship… so that’s the one I decided to try out. I took the personality quizzes and got my match results… I filled out my profile information and uploaded all the suggested photos of myself “smiling and having fun,” and then I was set. Within the first six hours or so, I had gotten over 50 messages, and I remember feeling overwhelmed and discouraged. Me being me, I felt like it was message overload and I had no idea of where to begin in responding to any of them… so I didn’t. After spending quite some time sifting through the messages, I came to the conclusion that over 85% of the guys who sent me a message weren’t even compatible with what I was looking for, were too young, or were just too seemingly desperate and needy for my taste. The following day I had planned on deleting my account, but I saw one message in particular which was paired with a great smile, and I decided to say, “F it,” and I wrote him back. Nearly all of that day was spent messaging him back and forth, and it turned out we had actually gone to the same high school—only he had graduated a year earlier. We even had some mutual friends/acquaintances. A few days later, we decided to meet up for burgers and coffee. We spent over five hours talking and making fun of one another, and it was so relaxed and casual and pressure-free. Definitely a great experience. We went out a few more times, and it’s been such a wonderful time getting to know one another. I’m so very glad to have met him before deleting my account all together. Yet another gift received in the blink of a moment’s decision. At least I’ve gained a friend.

What else has happened the past couple of weeks… oh yeah. Pacquiao had a miserable loss to Marquez.  :-[  Such a sad, sad night! It’s painful seeing the photos of Manny asleep on the mat. Just brutal. And I got to hear an earful from my mother about the whole ordeal… her hubs was rooting for Marquez and of course was taking every opportunity to rub it in her face on Pacquiao’s epic face plant. I endured the same punishment from some of my dear friends… so wrong! But anyway, a day or two after the fight, I went over to Mom’s for dinner and pie. Below is a video I secretly took of her describing fan reactions to Pacman’s loss. Notice her expression. She’s soooo serious! Every time I play this video clip I bust out laughing… it’s just so funny!! Hopefully she doesn’t see this post, or else I’m in trouble… hahaha!!!! OMG!

Enjoy that?? Hope so!  :-]  The following week, I was feeling optimistic and empowered about my life, and perhaps some of that positive energy came back to me. I got a phone call regarding a job I applied to back in November, and I interviewed for it that Friday. I had originally planned on spending all of that Thursday preparing for the interview and what to wear, and psyching myself up for it… but early on in the evening, Brian asked if I wanted to meet him out for a drink with he and one of his good friends… so I decided to do that instead. I had some appetizers and a couple jello shots as well as a shot of something uber girly, and I was set. I then got to go meet several more of Brian’s friends during one of their FIFA get togethers, which ended up being a good time. After getting home very late, I decided to set my alarm for 5am so that I could get up and get dressed for the interview and hopefully get in some preparation time… My early morning interview would be using the STAR method, which I’d never done before. After racing around all morning and finding something to wear, eating breakfast and having coffee, and trying to calm my nerves, I had about an hour that I was able to prep for the interview. I was interviewed by two managers who sensed my complete nervousness and casually spoke with me beforehand to help me feel comfortable. I was a total bundle of nerves, and you know it’s bad when your voice is quivering all over the place. Shaky or not, I did my best to speak articulately and I guess something worked because they paused my interview a couple of questions in to bring in a third manager who they believed would “love” me, as well. I was told I spoke very well and that my background and skills were a great match for another position which had literally just opened up, and they wanted to go ahead and double interview me for both jobs. After the interview with the three managers finished, I felt incredibly confident and proud of myself. I asked them what they thought about me, and if there was anything I mentioned that I could clarify for them… and uniformly, they all agreed I did an exceptional job and that they didn’t see anything I needed improvement on (GO ME!!!!!!). Now… my intuition could be way off, but I truly had a great feeling leaving the interview. They all seemed very interested in me, and that they sincerely wanted to give me an opportunity to start with them. The only thing is… because the third manager who sat in was very impromptu, her hiring process literally just began, while the original two managers interviewing me were wrapping theirs up… It’ll probably take a week to hear back on their decision, but they will have to coordinate with the third manager somehow if they’re all serious on giving me a job. We shall see.

In addition to the unexpected double interview, I received an email from the Fayetteville School District basically stating to come in on January 15th with my proof of citizenship and immunization record, and assuming my background check looks good, I can start substitute teaching there next month. Feels great! If neither of the two previous jobs works out for me, I will have the teaching to fall back on. My positive outlook has been good to me indeed!

Finally, this past Saturday night, I went out again with Brian and his friends to Dickson Street. We started off at Sideways and then migrated to Belly Busters and then onto some other place whose name I can’t remember. It was a really fun night! Here’s a couple photos and a silly video snippet taken at Busters. Brian’s friends are all good people, and I’ve very much enjoyed meeting them and hanging out with them. It feels so good to be happy, and to be out just having a casual, good time and meeting new people.  Oh—and I did have myself one beer, so that wasn’t all that bad either.


It doesn’t have to be anything much, but I’m finding the greatest joys in the smallest of things lately. There is so much to be thankful for.

My baby sister, Taylor, just turned 22 on 12-12-12… It’s crazy to me how fast time has passed… and to realize that as of 12-15, she’s a college graduate, is mind-boggling. I’ve promised to take her out and buy her something as soon as I land a job… so hopefully that will be very soon. I miss her, and I’m so proud of everything she’s accomplished in her young life. I love her.

Life is precious indeed, and on Friday 12-14, an entire classroom’s worth of elementary school children were killed along with several more faculty members in Newtown, CT.  I keep having the visual of all those children’s parents seeing presents under the tree which will never be opened by their babies, and the sadness and anger I feel for them is overwhelming. Twenty beautiful lives. Twenty children who could’ve grown up to accomplish and give so much goodness to the world. May all those who lost their lives rest in peace.

I’m reminded that we all have one life, one chance to create positive change in the world, and my mission is as true as ever.


Christmas 2012

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