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Well… it’s now a few days into December. I wanted to update you all on what I’ve been doing since the holiday.

Thanksgiving was awesome—The day started with me oversleeping and my dad calling on the road from Tulsa. After getting up, it was then a blur to race around and get dressed and prep his girlfriend’s ham (which I burned—what a shame), and to fix my deviled eggs and crab stuffed mushrooms. I had to make two platters of each—one for Dad’s house, and one for Mom’s. Luckily, it all turned out fantastic and there were no leftovers to speak of. My dad and his girlfriend promptly arrived after I had just finished cleaning up. Meanwhile, Mom was blowing up my phone all morning because she was moving her Thanksgiving time to three hours earlier… meaning I would have to miss Dad’s Thanksgiving and just eat leftovers that night. Sure.

After arriving to Mom’s with side dishes in tow, it wasn’t long before we were drinking wine, blasting Elvis, and snapping pictures of everyone and the food. There was so much food. The picture to the right wasn’t even half of everything there—they were still loading the second half of the table and the kitchen counters were filled. We had your traditional turkey day dishes… and then some Mexican and Asian sides, too. It was quite the variety.

After spending about four days in a turkey coma, I thought it best to get out of the house and go see my mom for a girl’s day out and about. My Aunt Victoria (aka Bay), tagged along and we went shopping and then made a pit stop at the grocery store. We were all starving by the time we finished so I cooked some chicken and pepper quesadillas on whole wheat tortillas, drank hot cocoa, and then watched crappy foreign films on Netflix together. It was another day full of laughter and life stories. I could get used to this.

Quick update: I stopped working at Hooters. I gave it a month… just not for me. Do I regret it? Nope! I met some great people, got a couple issues taken care of, and I don’t have to deal with this overwhelming creepster, “Ronnie,” anymore. I call that a win.

In terms of finding other work… eh. I got a rejection email for a job that seemed to perfectly fit my particular skill set and area of study. It’s probably for the best, because I was 100% certain that I would’ve been miserable and that all my time would be wasted again. I pretty much don’t take job stuff personally anymore, and like to think that someone is helping direct me. Sometimes I feel like I knowingly apply to jobs my personality clashes with to help validate the path I’m on whenever I get that rejection. Is that weird?? I’ve yet to hear anything back on subbing for the Fayetteville district, and I’m now less than two weeks away before I attend Springdale’s application workshop and try my luck there. We shall see!

ANYway, as I mentioned in a previous blog, my nephew’s birthday was Saturday, November 24th. Little guy turned 5. Mom had some filipina business to do in Fort Smith, so afterwards we decided to make the drive to Conway to visit my sister and nephew, TJ.  He got to open his birthday and Christmas gifts and pretty much spent the whole night playing with his toys. I got to help him build his gingerbread village which he quickly compromised with his appetite and remote-control helicopter. We all stayed up late eating pizza and drinking chocolate milk while watching movies, and I was showered with hugs and smooches from the little cutie the whole time. Afterwards, he ran to the bookshelf and came back asking, “Aunt Santa, will you read this to me? I want you to sleep with me in my Spider-Man bed!” He’d brought me Steinbeck’s East of Eden, how could I say no to such a proposal?! So to bed we went, and after just a few minutes of reading and playing with his “fun lights,” he was snoring away. Heaven. Check out this video of how sweet he is! (please ignore my mom’s comment in the background about putting something in a toilet… LOL!)

The next day was sad because we left, and I find myself still missing him. It’s always incredible to see how much joy and energy children have, and their happiness is so contagious. I need more of it in my life!

And that’s pretty much it… Dad gave me some Hayek to read, so I’ve been trying to finish it—I’m reading a couple different books right now and I have so much flying around inside my mind to begin with that I quite literally feel like my head is going to pop off. I’ve started writing some poetry again… I used to scrawl down everything in journals and notebooks, but I don’t seem to have any of them anymore. It really sucks losing something like that… I’ve basically lost pieces of myself, but perhaps they’ll become someone’s newfound treasure. I often think about how much of ourselves are forgotten and lost over the course of time, and I can’t help but wonder if it makes any difference at all.

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