Becoming Nightmare

(I'm fading quickly now)

Flesh and heart devoured—Piece by piece
Skin ripping, blood spraying—Darkness fuses with me
A broken girl with a hopeless
Lingering light in her eye—

(She's fading quickly now)

A twisted carcass, unrecognizable
Peering down into the Nightmare, hollow chest writhing
Light abandons her—
The sweet dove fleeing desolation

(And the creature yet fades)

Coiled scales, no longer mortal
Her pointed grin and gleaming eyes
Give way to bloodlust wonder
Jaws open wide to expose nihility

(The serpent rises)

Insatiable, compelled to feast on the flesh and hearts of men
Swallowing them whole—
Their exodus to nonexistence
Yet hungry still

Wretched monster
You see no limits to the pain and madness
Relentless suffering,
Unfathomable despair
And you laugh—splitting the heavens with your shrill

He hears you
He sees you
And He showers you with
His heartbroken love

But you're gone now
Slithered into that fiery pit—
Grinning and eyes gleaming all the way down
1 John 4:8

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