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Is it possible to do audiobooks wrong?

Until five weeks ago, audiobooks were somewhat of a newfangled concept to me. With their ever-growing popularity among consumers, and double digit sales growth year-over-year, (Good E-Reader reported sales growth of 28.8% in Q1 of 2017 versus Q1 of 2016), it was time to squelch my inhibitions around downloaded audio. It took a considerable amount of internal dialogue to convince myself that listening to an audiobook wasn't cheating. But once I found myself shoreside in Orange Beach, Alabama, disconnected from the grind of daily life, I decided it was the perfect time to plug into an audiobook.

You all should be familiar with The Little Mermaid—the original version written by Hans Christian Andersen. And if you don't, well I strongly suggest that you read it. It takes only a few minutes to get through, but there are several incredible moments of learning and wonder, of full-on poignancy and heartache for the littlest princess that make her story a timeless treasure.

Chase Night's Chicken is absolutely wonderful.

If you've ever lived in or around the Bible Belt, read this book. If you're familiar with the conservative south, small-town America, or any other derivative of any of these places, read this book.