Particles: A Novel by Shawn Mihalik

I recently discovered another Asymmetrical Press gem called Particles: A Novel, written by indie author, Shawn Mihalik. Here's why it's worth your time:

  1. Mihalik proffers that everything in life is, well, derivative of everything else. It's an idea described in such books as Lao-tzu's Tao Te Ching and the old testament's Ecclesiastes. There's even an element of the Many Worlds Theory, which becomes apparent in the book's conclusion. These ideas woven together? Sold.

  2. The book's stories take place over the span of a couple of decades and are advanced through a series of snapshots from the perspectives of different characters. A writer, a renowned scientist, a two-bit stage actress turned award-winning pornstar—Mihalik does a great job of interweaving their lives.

  3. At times forcible, the writing is an appropriate means to convey the worlds in which these characters reside. Lonely and despondent, horrible tragedies befall each of them, and while each character is faced with a challenge very different from the next, we're given glimpses into how they all manage to trudge through. This trudge is what connects us all. Mihalik's conclusion leaves whispers of possibility and hope for the future if we're able to transcend beyond mere tangibility to reach a place of deeper unity.

Particles gave me a lot to stew about, and that's all I can ever ask for in a book.

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