Sandra Gibbons

Sandra Gibbons

lives in beautiful Northwest Arkansas. She writes about parenthood, lessons learned, and creating moments of happiness.

It's the Fear Who Greets Me

it's the fear who greets me–
who comes to me smiling,
embraces me and freezes me dead in his eye
my breath catching—a shy, little cry
breathing in,
breathing in,
whatever I do,
don't let it go
but some hissing terror slithers its way up my spine,
it embraces me and freezes me dead in its eye
voices whisper to me
nothing's life, nothing's life
I struggle and struggle,
yet all that I try
leaves me old, and I'm weary,
faintly caring I'm alive
so it embraces me and freezes me dead in the eye
twists and contorts me the harder I try
until shattered and battered
and dying I lie
letting fear overcome me
terror taking my life

The Little Mermaid